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Shutdown Desktop Shortcut in Slackware Linux

SlackwareHave you ever use Slackware Linux, I have used it about a year. In some computer type, when you try to shutdown via KDE Menu, or just type “init 0” or “poweroff”, the computer will not really shutdown. The power still on. The conventional technique is to type “modprobe apm” before “init 0” command so the computer will really shutted down.

There is an easy way to shutdown your computer just in one click. Follow this :

Right click on your KDE desktop (I assume you are using Slackware with KDE) and choose ‘create to link to aplication’

In  ‘general’ tab, fill fith shorcut name, for example ‘Shut Down’

In ‘aplication’ tab, fill ‘command’ with ‘modprobe apm; /sbin/halt’

Then ‘ok’

Now, you can shutdown your computer by clicking the Shortcut named “Shut Down” on Desktop.

Have a nice learn.

k4rf1 @ computer labs.

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